Axe of Sundering

The book was initially scheduled for release in late 2014, but the author suffered a stroke, so the book writing has slowed considerably. As of April 26, 2016, the author has completed 17 of approximately 23 chapters (see the April 26 Facebook post. The book then needs to be submitted to the editor for revision and publication. It is likely that the book won't be available until mid to late 2017.It is expected to be released by October 3, 2017


Whalen has only ever had two of his many apprentices become wizards. Alex and his nephew Jabez. Unfortunately, Jabez has chosen a dark path. Whalen and Alex must go on a quest to get the Axe of Sundering, their only chance of defeating Jabez. Even with the Axe of Sundering, their chances of survival are slim, because Jabez has the Orion's stone, which is capable of ending them both.

Whalen and Alex will battle a sea serpent. Jabez has made himself unkillable by casting a spell that links his life to others. To kill him, one must kill the other people. The Axe of Sundering can break that spell. But of course, Jabez is a crafty wizard... Would you leave the only weapon that could kill you for anyone to take?

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