“An ancient race of magical, giant birds....[They] are birds of prey. They hunt and kill whatever they like. Some stories say that a single thunderbird could carry off a horse and rider with one claw and a full-grown cow with the other....But thunderbirds never stay in one place too long, because if they do, they soon eat everything that is there” (3:386-387). They are called thunderbirds because “they can make thunder with their wings. They can make strong winds as well—strong enough to blow down trees” (3:389). They are also able to shoot lightning bolts from their eyes, or their beaks, depending on which legends you belive. They have powerful magic of their own and are not deceived by illusions. A dragon is the only creature known to have enough power to challenge a thunderbird.

Thunderbird eggs take a very long time to hatch. There is a known group of thunderbirds in the far south of Thraxon.


Book 3: Albrek's Tomb

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